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Category: DOS kernel

INT 21 - DOS 3.4/4.0 - SET CPSW STATE

	AX = 3304h
	DL = new CPSW state
Return: nothing
Notes:	this function and AX=3303h were intended to support a proposed
	  code-page switching flag (using the WORD at offset 0Ch in the DOS
	  directory entry for codepage information); however, this function
	  has always been a NOP in public releases of DOS and OS/2.
	  See _DOS_Internals_ Chapter 2 for more information.
	the released MS-DOS 4.00 IO.SYS has an undocumented CONFIG.SYS
	  directive named CPSW= and that beside others the MS-DOS 4.00 ATTRIB
	  supported a number of undocumented special parameters for
	  "predefined" Extended Attributes (EAs) e.g.
	  ATTRIB filename [(CODEPAGE|CP)[=new_value]].
	this function does not use any of the DOS-internal stacks and may
	   thus be called at any time. It is directly dispatched from
	   the INT 21h entry point with interrupts disabled.
SeeAlso: AX=3303h,AH=11h,AX=5702h

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