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Category: DOS extenders

INT 2F - DOS Protected-Mode Interface - INSTALLATION CHECK

	AX = 1687h
Return: AX = 0000h if installed
	    BX = flags
		bit 0: 32-bit programs supported
	    CL = processor type (02h=80286, 03h=80386, 04h=80486)
	    DH = DPMI major version
	    DL = two-digit DPMI minor version (binary)
	    SI = number of paragraphs of DOS extender private data
	    ES:DI -> DPMI mode-switch entry point (see #02718)
	AX nonzero if not installed
SeeAlso: AX=1686h,AX=43E0h,AX=DE01h/BX=4450h,AX=FB42h/BX=0001h
SeeAlso: INT 31/AX=0400h,INT 31/AX=5702h,INT D4/AH=10h

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