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Category: memory management
Flags: Undocumented function


	AX = 2780h
	CL = 05h (module: VM)
	CH = function
	    00h "F_VMProtInit" internal protected-mode initialization
	    01h "Z_TMLoad" load task manager
	    02h "Z_TMUnload" unload task manager
	    03h	"Z_VMBackSet" send virtual machine to background
	    04h "Z_VMForeSet" send virtual machine to foreground
	    05h "Z_VMSaveEnable" enable saving virtual machine
	    06h "Z-VMSaveDisable" disable saving virtual machine
	    07h "Z_TMInit" intialize task manager
	    08h "Z_TMHotKeyGet" get task manager hotkey
	    09h "Z_TMHitKeyEnable" restart scanning for task manager key
	    0Ah "Z_TMHotKeyDisable" stop scanning for task manager key
	    0Bh "X_ForeGet" get current foreground domain
	    0Ch "F_DMAHandlerEnable" (re)enable DMA address translation
	    0Dh "F_DMAHandlerDisable" disable DMA address translation
	    0Eh "Z_SerialTimeoutGet" set serial port timeout
	    0Fh "Z_ParallelTimeoutSet" set parallel port timeout
	    10h "F_VCPIEntry" domain is entering VCPI mode
	    11h "F_VCPIExit" domain is leaving VCPI mode
	    12h "X_MsgGlobalEnter" enter Global Message Mode
	    13h "X_MsgGlobalDisplay" display global message
	    14h "X_MsgGlobalExit" leave Global Message Mode
	    15h "X_MsgDomEnter" enter Domain Message Mode
	    16h "X_MsgDomDisplay" display domain-specific message
	    17h "X_MsgDomExit" leave Domain Message Mode
	    18h "X_MsgFatalDisplay" display fatal error message
	    19h "Z_SerialBaseSet" set serial port address
	    1Ah "Z_ParallelBaseSet" set parallel port address
	    1Bh "Z_SerialIRQSet" set serial port IRQ
	    1Ch "Z_ParallelIRQSet" set parallel port IRQ
	    1Dh "F_ResetVideo" emergency video system reset
	    1Eh "F_SetMouseIRQ" set which IRQ is used by mouse
	    1Fh "F_CheckNotIdle" check whether system is idle
	    20h "F_GetMouseInfo"
	    21h "Z_SerialOwnerGet" get serial port owner
	    22h "Z_SerialTimeoutGet" get serial port timeout
	    23h "Z_ParallelOwnerGet" get parallel port owner
	    24h "Z_ParallelTimeoutGet" get parallel port timeout
Return: ???
Notes:	called by DPMS.EXE and EMM386.EXE
	the handler for this function may be set by one of the subfunctions
	  of AX=2780h/CL=01h; the default handler returns AX=BX=FFFFh and
	  CX=0001h (see #02739)
	this API is only available if AX=12FFh/BX=0EDCh returns successfully;
	  because the request is handled on the initial trap to the memory
	  manager caused by INT instructions, this API must be invoked with
	  an actual INT 2F instruction instead of some simulation such as a
	  far call to the address in the interrupt vector table
SeeAlso: AX=12FFh/BX=0EDCh,AX=2780h/CL=01h,AX=2780h/CL=02h,AX=2780h/CL=03h

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