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Category: video

INT 61 - OPTIMA 1024 VGA-Sync,ET-3000 chipset - CENTER ZOOM WINDOW

	AX = 0001h
	BX = X coordinate to center
	CX = Y coordinate to center
Desc:	Positions the zoom window such that the specified window-relative
	  coordinates appear as close as possible to the center of the
	  display.  Useful for scrolling and panning.
Range:	unknown
Notes:	INT 61h is the default interrupt; the actual interrupt number can be
	  obtained by calling INT 16/AH=FFh
	not all vendors include the Tseng TSR which supports these functions
SeeAlso: AX=0000h"OPTIMA",AX=0002h"OPTIMA",AX=0005h"OPTIMA"
SeeAlso: INT 16/AH=FFh"OPTIMA"

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