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Category: DESQview/TopView and Quarterdeck programs


	AH = 12h
	BH = 01h
	BL = object type to create (see #00435)
	STACK: (only if window object or WINDOW class)
	       DWORD address to jump to (no new task if high word == 0)
	       DWORD (reserved) 0 = non-task window, FFFFh = task window
	       DWORD bytes for task's private stack (FFFFh == default of 0100h)
	       DWORD bytes system memory for input buffer for READ/READN
			(0 == none, -1 == default--same as logical window size)
	       DWORD window size, columns
	       DWORD window size, rows
	       DWORD length of window title
	       DWORD address of window title
Return: DWORD on top of stack is new object handle
Notes:	if a new task is created, it is started with
	  AX = BX = SI = DI = BP = 0
	  DX:CX = handle of parent task
	  DS = ES = SS = segment of private stack (and new task's handle)
	new windows are orphans, inherit the colors/hidden status of the
	  creating task's window, and are placed in the upper left hand corner
	  of the screen but not automatically redrawn
	new keyboards are closed, and have all object bits cleared except for
	  the hardware cursor bit
SeeAlso: AH=12h/BH=02h,AH=12h/BH=81h

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