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Category: memory management
Flags: Undocumented function


	AH = 3Fh
	CX = 5145h ("QE")
	DX = 4D4Dh ("MM")
Return: AH = 00h if installed
	    ES:DI -> QEMM API entry point (see #03525,#03528,#03640)
Notes:	if no other program has hooked INT 67, an alternate installation
	  check is to test for the string
	  "QUARTERDECK EXPANDED MEMORY MANAGER 386" at offset 14h in the INT 67
	  handler's segment; the word at offset 12h contains the offset in
	  the handler's segment of the API entry point
	although this function is still undocumented, Quarterdeck has recently
	  documented two alternate methods for determining the QEMM API entry
	  point, as well as several of the API functions
	MICEMM (Micronics Expanded Memory Manager) versions 2.0C and 4D support
	  the alternate QEMM installation check and entry point functions 00h,
	  02h, and 03h; version 4D only provides the signature string if the
	  commandline argument "DV" is provided
	386MAX v6.01 responds to this call, but DESQview 2.42 does not
	  recognize the returned entry point as providing QEMM's capabilities
	  because a) only functions 0Ch (different from QEMM 0Ch) and
			1000h-1009h are supported,
		  b) status is returned as for EMS functions, not QEMM funcs
		  c) the protected-mode entry point returned by function 1000h
			only supports functions 0Ch, 1004h, 1005h, and 100Ah
	the string check mentioned above is not supported by 386MAX
SeeAlso: AX=5BF0h,AH=DDh,AX=FFA5h,INT 15/AX=11DEh,INT 21/AX=4402h/SF=01h
SeeAlso: INT 21/AX=4402h"QEMM",INT 21/AX=4402h"386MAX",INT 2F/AX=D201h/BX=5145h

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