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Category: memory management
Flags: Undocumented function


	AX = 2780h
	CL = 03h (module: Memory)
	CH = subfunction
	    00h ???
	    01h "F_PdirGet" ???
	    02h "F_PdirSet" ???
	    03h "Z_PageAlloc" allocate a given page of memory
	    04h "F_PageAllocG" allocate global page???
	    05h "F_PageAllocI" allocate instance page???
	    06h "F_PtblRead" get page table???
	    07h "F_PtrlWrite" select page table???
	    08h "Z_PtblGet" read page table
	    09h "Z_PtblSet" change page table
	    0Ah "Z_PagesAlloc" allocate pages of memory
	    0Bh "Z_PageFree" free a given page of memory
	    0Ch "Z_MemAlloc" allocate a memory block
	    0Dh "Z_MemFree" release memory block
	    0Eh "Z_MemSizeGet" get size of memory block
	    0Fh "Z_MemResize" resize a memory block
	    10h "Z_DescAlloc" allocate a memory descriptor
	    11h "Z_DescFree" release a memory descriptor
	    12h "Z_DescGet" get details on memory descriptor
	    13h "Z_DescSet" set a memory descriptor
	    14h "Z_MemDescAlloc" allocate a memory block and its descriptor
	    15h "Z_MemDescFree" release a memory block and its descriptor
	    16h "Z_MemDescSizeGet" get size of memory block
	    17h "Z_MemDescResize" resize a memory block
	    18h "Z_PageLock" lock a page, with existing contents
	    19h "Z_PageUnlock" unlock a page
	    1Ah "Z_PageLockAny" lock a page, contents undefined
	    1Bh "Z_PageUnlockReuse" unlock page, reuse phsyical memory
	    1Ch "Z_PageLockNone" lock a page, no physical memory assigned
	    1Dh "Z_PageUnlockNone" unlock a page, don't reuse physical memory
	    1Eh "F_CallRealRaw" call real mode (SS:ESP supplied)
	    1Fh "F_IntRealRaw" perform real-mode interrupt (SS:ESP supplied)
	    20h "F_CallReal" call real mode with RETF frame
	    21h "F_IntReal" perform real-mode interrupt
	    22h "F_PagedCallReal" paged real-mode call
	    23h "F_PagedIntReal" paged real-mode interrupt
	    24h "F_CallIretReal" call real mode with IRET frame
	    25h "F_CallIretRealRaw" call real mode with IRET (SS:ESP supplied)
	    26h "F_CallProt16" call 16-bit protected-mode code
	    27h "F_CallProt32" call 32-bit protected-mode code
	    28h "F_IAddPage" add kernel instance data
	    29h "Z_PageDomLock" lock page in specific domain, preserve contents
	    2Ah "Z_PatgeDomUnlock" unlock page in specific domain
	    2Bh "Z_PageDomLockAny" lock page in specific domain, undef contents
	    2Ch "Z_PageDomUnlockReuse" unlock page in spec. domain,reuse ph.mem
	    2Dh "Z_PageDomLockNone" lock page in spec. domain, no phys memory
	    2Eh "Z_PageDomUnlockNone" unlock page in spec. domain, no phys. mem
	    2Fh "Z_GateAlloc" allocate a gate
	    30h "Z_GateFree" release a gate
	    31h "X_MemFreeGet" get total free memory
	    32h "X_MemTopGet" get highest memory address
	    33h "X_MemTotalGet" get total memory size
	    34h "F_DescRead" ???
	    35h "F_DescWrite" ???
	    36h "F_GetStack" ???
	    37h "F_SetStack" ???
Return: CX = status (most subfunctions)
	(E)AX and/or (E)BX contain return values, depending on function
Notes:	called by DPMS.EXE and EMM386.EXE
	this API is only available if AX=12FFh/BX=0EDCh returns successfully;
	  because the request is handled on the initial trap to the memory
	  manager caused by INT instructions, this API must be invoked with
	  an actual INT 2F instruction instead of some simulation such as a
	  far call to the address in the interrupt vector table
SeeAlso: AX=12FFh/BX=0EDCh,AX=2780h/CL=01h,AX=2780h/CL=02h,AX=2780h/CL=04h

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