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Category: memory management
Flags: Undocumented function


	AX = 2780h
	CL = 02h (module: Real-Time Monitor)
	CH = subfunction
	    00h ???
		Return: CX = status (0000h,0023h, others???) (see #02739)
			BX = ??? (0000h if CX=0000h, FFFFh if CX=0023h)
		Note:	calls func 04h/sf 03h, func 04h/sf 1Eh,func 02h/sf 43h,
			  func 02h/sf 0Bh, and func 04h/sf 01h
	    01h "Z_PCountGet" get and clear count of dispatches
		DX = ??? handle or 0000h for default
		Return: CX = status (0000h,000Bh) (see #02739)
			EBX = old value of ??? if successful
			EDX destroyed
	    02h "Z_FlagWait" wait on semaphore
		DX = index of semaphore???
		Return: CX = status (0000h,0004h,0005h) (see #02739)
			EBX = 0000FFFFh on error, 00000000h if successful
	    03h "Z_FlagSet" set a semaphore flag
		DX = index of semaphore???
		Return: CX = status (0000h,0004h,0006h) (see #02739)
			BX = FFFFh on error, 0000h if successful
	    04h "X_QCreate" create a new queue
		Return: CX = status (0000h,0007h,000Ah) (see #02739)
	    05h "X_QOpen" open queue for reading/writing
		EDX -> ??? data (first 8 bytes seem to be name)
		Return: CX = status (0000h,0009h,000Dh) (see #02739)
	    06h "X_QDelete" delete a queue
		Note:	calls fn 02h/subfn 05h, then fn 02h/subfn 40h
	    07h "X_QRead" read message from queue
		EDX = ???
		Return: CX = status (0000h,0009h,000Eh) (see #02739)
	    08h "X_QReadC" read message from queue, if any
		EDX = ???
		Return: CX = status (0000h,0009h,000Eh) (see #02739)
	    09h "X_QWrite" write message to queue
		EDX = ???
		Return: CX = status (0000h,0009h,000Fh) (see #02739)
	    0Ah "X_QWriteC" write message to queue, if space available
		EDX = ???
		Return: CX = status (0000h,0009h,000Fh) (see #02739)
	    0Bh "X_PDelay" put process to sleep for specified period
		DX = number of clock ticks to sleep???
		Return: CX = 0000h (successful)
	    0Ch "X_PDispatch" force a dispatch (run scheduler)
		Return: CX = 0000h (successful)
	    0Dh "F_PTerm" terminate process???
		Return: CX = status (0000h,0023h) (see #02739)
			BX = FFFFh on error, 0000h if successful
		Note:	calls fn 04h/subfn 03h, fn 04h/subfn 1Eh,
			  fn 02h/subfn 43h, fn 02h/subfn 0Bh, fn 04h/sub 01h
	    0Eh "X_PCreate" create new process
		Return: CX = status (0000h,000Ch) (see #02739)
			EBX = ??? if successful
	    0Fh "Z_PPriorSet" set process priority
		BX = ???
		DX = ??? handle or 0000h for default
		Return: CX = status (0000h,000Bh) (see #02739)
	    10h "X_PHandleGet" get current process handle
		Return: CX = 0000h (successful)
			BX = handle of default ???
			EBX high word cleared
	    11h "X_PTerm" terminate process
		DX = process handle or 0000h for current
		BX = ??? (handle???)
		Return:	CX = status (0000h,000Bh,0014h) (see #02739)
	    12h "F_Sleep" ???
		BX = ???
		DX = ???
		Return: CX = 0000h (successful)
	    13h "F_Wakeup" ???
		DX = ???
		Return: CX = status (see #02739)
	    14h "F_FindPDName" find process by name???
		BX = ???
		DX = ???
		Return: CX = status (0000h,0014h) (see #02739)
			BX = FFFFh on error, ??? if successful
	    15h "F_SetFlags" set ??? flags
		BX = ??? (low two bits only)
		DX = ??? handle or 0000h for default
		Return: CX = status (0000h,000Bh) (see #02739)
			BX = new value of ??? flags (entire word)
			EBX high register cleared
	    16h "F_EndOfInterrupt" issue EOI to PIC
		Return: CX = 0000h (successful)
	    17h "X_PTermOff" disable process termination
	    18h "X_PTermOK" enable process termination
	    19h "Z_FlagStatusGet" get semahprore's status
	    1Ah "F_QRdMX" ???
	    1Bh "F_QWrMX" ???
	    1Ch "Z_FlagAlloc" allocate a new semaphore
	    1Dh "Z_FlagFree" free semaphore
	    1Eh "X_FlagsMaxGet" get number of semaphores supported
	    1Fh "X_QReadNDC" non-destructive read from queue (peek)
	    20h "Z_FlagWWTO" wait on semaphore, with timeout
	    21h "F_UdaAlloc" ???
	    22h "F_UdaFree" ???
	    23h "X_PSuspend" suspend process
	    24h "X_PUnsuspend" restart process after suspension
	    25h "X_CritEnter" enter critical region
	    26h "X_CritExit" leave critical region
	    27h "F_PCreate" ???
	    28h "Z_PHandleListGet" get list of process handles
	    29h "Z_PNameGet" get process name
	    2Ah "Z_PStatusGet" get process status
	    2Bh "F_PDToDomain" get process' domain???
	    2Ch "Z_PPriorGet" get process priority
	    2Dh "F_QDList" get list of queues???
	    2Eh "Z_QNameGet" get queue's name
	    2Fh "X_QMsgLenGet" get message length of queue
	    30h "X_QMsgMaxGet" get message capacity of queue
	    31h "Z_QWriterGet" get handle of process waiting to write queue
	    32h "Z_QReaderGet" get handle of process waiting to read queue
	    33h "X_QMsgNumGet" get number of messages in queue
	    34h "Z_QFlagsGet" get queue's flags
	    35h "F_NameToQD" get queue by name???
	    36h "F_NameToPD" get process by name???
	    37h "X_MXCreate" create a mutex
	    38h "X_MXDelete" delete a mutex
	    39h "X_MXEnter" enter mutual-exclusion zone
	    3Ah "X_MXEnterC" enter mutual-exclusion zone if it is free
	    3Bh "X_MXExit" leave mutual-exclusion zone
	    3Ch "Z_TicksSet" set length of foreground time slices
	    3Dh "X_TickGet" get clock tick period
	    3Eh "F_ProcessID" ???
	    3Fh "X_QClose" close a queue
	    40h "F_QDispose" delete queue???
	    41h "F_PDToFlags" get process flags???
	    42h "F_PDToDParam" ???
	    43h "F_ReleaseMX" release mutex???
	    44h "F_SimulateInt" ???
	    45h "Z_QFlagsSet" set queue's flags
	    46h "F_TickRate" ???
	    47h ???
Return: CX = status (most subfunctions)
	(E)AX and/or (E)BX contain return values, depending on function
Notes:	called by DPMS.EXE and EMM386.EXE
	this API is only available if AX=12FFh/BX=0EDCh returns successfully;
	  because the request is handled on the initial trap to the memory
	  manager caused by INT instructions, this API must be invoked with
	  an actual INT 2F instruction instead of some simulation such as a
	  far call to the address in the interrupt vector table
SeeAlso: AX=12FFh/BX=0EDCh,AX=2780h/CL=01h,AX=2780h/CL=03h,AX=2780h/CL=04h

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