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Category: caches/spoolers

INT 1A - Disk Spool II v4.0x - GET SPOOL FILES

	AH = E2h
	AL = which
	    01h first
	    02h next (can only call after "first")
	CL = printer port (01h COM1, 02h COM2, 05h LPT1, 06h LPT2)
Return: AH = status
	    00h successful
		ES:BX -> ASCIZ filename
	    F0h no (more) spool files
	    FFh failed
Note:	this function is also supported by Vertisoft's Emulaser utility ELSPL,
	  as that is a licensed version of Disk Spool II
SeeAlso: AH=E0h,AH=E1h

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