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Category: memory management
Flags: Undocumented function


	AX = 2780h
	CL = 01h (module: Supervisor)
	CH = subfunction
	    00h unused
		Return: CX = status (0002h) (see #02739)
	    01h unused
		Return: CX = status (0002h) (see #02739)
	    02h "Z_ModuleReg" register an OS module
		EBX = module number (0005h-000Fh)
		DS:EDX -> module descriptor (see #02741)
		Return: CX = status (0000h,0030h) (see #02739)
	    03h allocate SYSDAT memory
		DX = number of ??? to allocate
		Return: CX = status (0000h,0003h) (see #02739)
	    04h get selector to SYSDAT
		Return: CX = 0000h (successful)
			BX = selector for EMM386 data segment
			EBX high word cleared
	    05h "Z_MoveReal" relocate segment into extended memory
		DS:EDX -> descriptor parameter block
		Return: ECX = status (00h,03h,31h,32h) (see #02739)
			---if successful---
			parameter block filled
	    06h "Z_Reboot" return to real mode via triple fault
	    07h debugger break
		Note:	calls INT 03, then INT 21/AH=02h to output a question
	    08h "X_ForeCheck" check if domain is in foreground
		Return: CX = 0000h (successful)
			EBX = ??? (0 or 2)
	    09h register VxD with system
	    0Ah unload VxD hook
	    0Bh indicate end of initialization phase
		Return: CX = status (0002h) (see #02739)
	    0Ch "F_AllocWindow" allocate 4K mapping window
	    0Dh "F_RegisterBoot" register reboot addresses
		EBX = ???
		EDX = ???
		Return: ???
	    0Eh "F_EnquireBoot" check if reboot active
		Return: CX = 0000h (successful)
			BL = ???     \ or BX = 0000h
			BH = ???     /
	    0Fh get debugging level
		Return: CX = 0000h (successful)
			EBX = new value for debugging level
	    10h set debugging level
		EDX = ???
		Return: CX = 0000h (successful)
			EBX = old value of debugging level
	    11h installation check (documented)
		Return: CX = status
			    0000h if multitasker is installed
				EBX = version (0100h for v1.00)
			    1101h if multitasker is not present
	    12h "F_V86BPInstall" install V86 breakpoint
		DX = ???
		Return: CX = 0000h (successful)
			AX = old value of ???
	    13h "F_V86BPRemove" remove V86 breakpoint
		Return: CX = status (0000h,003Fh) (see #02739)
			AX = ???
	    14h "F_V86BPOffer" indicate INT 03 to be used as V86 breakpoint
		EDX = linear address ??? of INT 03 instruction for breakpoint
		Return: CX = status (0000h,003Fh) (see #02739)
	    15h "F_LoaderCleanup" offer opportunity to clean up
		BX = segment of ???
		Return: CX = 0000h (successful)
			BX = segment of ???
	    16h "F_RegisterVxDWindow" register VxD mapping window
	    17h "F_RegisterPNW" register Personal NetWare information
		EBX = subfunction (0-2)
		Return: CX = status (0002h if EBX>2) (see #02739)
	    18h unused
		Return: CX = status (0002h) (see #02739)
Return: CX = status (most subfunctions)
	(E)AX and/or (E)BX contain return values, depending on function
Notes:	called by DPMS.EXE and EMM386.EXE
	this API is only available if AX=12FFh/BX=0EDCh returns successfully;
	  because the request is handled on the initial trap to the memory
	  manager caused by INT instructions, this API must be invoked with
	  an actual INT 2F instruction instead of some simulation such as a
	  far call to the address in the interrupt vector table
SeeAlso: AX=12FFh/BX=0EDCh,AX=2780h/CL=02h,AX=2780h/CL=03h,AX=2780h/CL=04h

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