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Category: sound/speech

INT 1A - Tandy 2500, Tandy 1000L series - START PLAYING DIGITAL SOUND

	AH = 83h
	AL = volume (0=silence, 7=highest)
	CX = number of bytes to play
	DX = time between sound samples (multiples of 273 nanoseconds)
	    only bits 11-0 used
	ES:BX -> sound data (array of 8-bit unsigned PCM samples)
Return: AH = 00h
	CF set if sound is busy
	CF clear if sound chip is free
Notes:	this call returns immediately while the sound plays in the
	  background; the sound chip is clocked at 3.57 MHz, with the low 12
	  bits of DX specifying the clock divisor
	The BIOS appears to call INT 15/AX=91FBh when the sound device
	  underflows to allow another INT 1A/AH=83h for seamless playing of
	  long sounds.
SeeAlso: AH=84h"Tandy",INT 15/AH=91h

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