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Category: BIOS


	AH = 86h
	CX:DX = interval in microseconds
Return: CF clear if successful (wait interval elapsed)
	CF set on error or AH=83h wait already in progress
	    AH = status (see #00496)
Note:	the resolution of the wait period is 977 microseconds on many systems
	  because many BIOSes use the 1/1024 second fast interrupt from the AT
	  real-time clock chip which is available on INT 70; because newer
	  BIOSes may have much more precise timers available, it is not
	  possible to use this function accurately for very short delays unless
	  the precise behavior of the BIOS is known (or found through testing)
SeeAlso: AH=41h,AH=83h,INT 1A/AX=FF01h,INT 70

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