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Category: sound/speech

INT 1A - Tandy 2500???, Tandy 1000SL/TL - DIGITAL SOUND - RECORD SOUND

	AH = 82h
	ES:BX -> buffer for sound samples
	CX = length of buffer
	DX = transfer rate (1-4095, 1 is fastest)
Return: AH = 00h
	CF set if sound busy
	CF clear if sound chip free
Note:	the value in DX should be 1/10 the corresponding value for
	  INT 1A/AH=83h on the 1000TL, 1/11.5 on the 1000SL.  Call
	  INT 1A/AX=8100h and INT 1A/AH=84h before invoking this function.
	The BIOS issues an INT 15/AX=91FBh when the input is complete
	DMA across a 64K boundary is masked by the BIOS

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