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Category: caches/spoolers

INT 2F - HyperWare programs - INSTALLATION CHECK

	AX = DF00h
	BX = product code (see #03105)
	CX = 0000h
	DX = 0000h
Return: AL = status
	    00h not installed
	    FFh multiplex number in use
		CX = 5948h ('YH') if selected product installed
		BX = code segment of resident portion
		DX = HyperDisk local data version
Program: HyperDisk is a shareware disk cache by HyperWare (Roger Cross)
Range:	AH=C0h to AH=FFh, selected by scanning AH=DFh, then AH=C0h-FFh
SeeAlso: INT 13/AX=8EEDh
Index:	installation check;HyperDisk|installation check;HyperStb
Index:	installation check;HyperKey|installation check;HyperScreen
Index:	HyperDisk;installation check|HyperStb;installation check
Index:	HyperKey;installation check|HyperScreen;installation check

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