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Category: memory management
Flags: Undocumented function

INT 67 - Compaq CEMM v5.10+ - PRIVATE API

	AX = FFA5h
	BX = 4345h ("CE")
	DX = subfunction
	    0000h unshadow video ROM???
	    0001h shadow video ROM???
	    0002h map pages
		CX = number of pages (00h=one)
		ESI = linear address of first page to map into address space
		EDI = linear starting address at which pages are to be visible
	    0003h get ???
		Return: DX = ??? (0-2)
	    0004h BUG: crashes system due to fencepost error
Return: AH = 84h
	AL = status (84h = error, FFh = success)
Note:	if BX <> 4345h or DX > 0004h on entry, CEMM behaves identically to
	  Microsoft's EMM386 (see AX=FFA5h"EMM386")
SeeAlso: AX=FFA5h"EMM386",#01513 at INT 21/AX=4402h/SF=02h,#03666

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