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Category: DOS kernel
Flags: Undocumented function

INT 21 - DOS 3.1+ internal - SERVER FUNCTION CALL

	AX = 5D00h
	DS:DX -> DOS parameter list (see #01686)
	DPL contains all register values for a call to INT 21h
Return: as appropriate for function being called
Notes:	does not check AH.  Out of range values will crash the system
	executes using specified computer ID and process ID
	sharing delay loops skipped
	a special sharing mode is enabled to handle FCBs opened across network
	wildcards are enabled for DELETE (AH=41h) and RENAME (AH=56h) under
	  MS-DOS; under DR DOS 3.41, wildcards corrupt the filesystem; and
	  under DR DOS 5.0-6.0, the call returns error code 03h due to improper
	  support for the server function call (refer to BUGS: section below)
	an extra file attribute parameter is enabled for OPEN (AH=3Dh),
	  DELETE (AH=41h), and RENAME (AH=56h)
	functions which take filenames require canonical names (as returned
	  by AH=60h); this is apparently to prevent multi-hop file forwarding
BUGS:	the OS/2 2.0 DOS Boot Session incorrectly maps DOS drive letters,
	  seemingly ignoring HPFS drives
	DR DOS 5.0-6.0 merely recursively call INT 21 after loading the
	  registers from the DPL, leading to problems for peer-to-peer
SeeAlso: AH=3Dh,AH=41h,AH=56h,AH=60h

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