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Category: caches/spoolers
Flags: Undocumented function

INT 1A - Disk Spool II v2.07+ - FUNCTION CALLS

	AH = D0h
	AL = function code
	    01h enable spooler and despooler
	    02h enable spooler only
	    03h enable despooler at beginning of file
	    04h disable the despooler
	    05h disable the despooler and spooler
	    06h clear the spool file
	    08h inhibit the popup menu
	    09h enable the popup menu
	    0Ah ??? (called by Disk Spool's INT 21 handler)
	    0Bh disable the spooler
	    0Ch start despooler after last successfully printed document
	    0Dh start despooler at the exact point where it last left off
	    0Eh pop up the menu
	    0Fh ???
	    11h start new spool file??? (called by Disk Spool's INT 21 handler
			when a program terminates)
	    14h ???
	    15h delete despool file and reset ???
	    16h ??? (writes something to unknown file)
	    17h ??? (writes something to despool file, then reads something
			else and ???)
	    18h ??? (reads something from despool file, and then ???)
	    19h ??? (creates/truncates spool file)
	    20h clear file pointed to by the despooler
	    21h ??? (writes something to unknown file)
	    22h ??? (writes something to spool file if spooler/despooler using
			same file)
	    23h ??? (opens/creates unknown file, then ???)
	    30h ???
	    31h ???
	    32h beep
	    33h append CRLF to spool file???
	    34h ???
	    35h ???
	    36h ???
	    37h append CRLF to spool file and start a new spool file???
	    38h ???
	    40h ??? (v4.05)
	    41h ??? (v4.05)
	    51h ??? (called by Disk Spool's INT 21 handler)
	    52h ??? (called by Disk Spool's INT 21 handler)
	    57h ???
	    5Ah ??? (v4.05)
	    5Bh ??? (v4.05)
	    5Ch ??? (v4.05)
Note:	this function is also supported by Vertisoft's Emulaser utility ELSPL,
	  as that is a licensed version of Disk Spool II
SeeAlso: AH=A0h,AH=ADh

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