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Category: memory management

INT 67 - Microsoft EMM386.EXE v4.20+ - INSTALLATION CHECK

	AX = FFA5h
Return: AX = 845Ah/84A5h if loaded
	    BX:CX -> API entry point (see #03666)
Notes:	this call is available even if EMM386 is not providing EMS
	the returned AX is 845Ah inside of MSWindows, 84A5h under bare DOS
	if no other program has hooked INT 67, an alternate installation
	  check is to test for the string
	  "MICROSOFT EXPANDED MEMORY MANAGER 386" at offset 14h in the INT 67
	  handler's segment; the word immediately preceding this string
	  contains the offset of the API entry point
SeeAlso: AH=3Fh,AX=FFA5h/BX=4345h,INT 21/AX=4402h"EMM386.EXE"

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