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Category: debuggers/debugging tools


	AX = D102h
	BL = first character of the interpreter command
	BH = last character of the interpreter command (or blank)
	DS:SI -> parameter for the interpreter command as ASCIZ string
	DS:DI -> MDEBUG data structure (see #03078)
Return: AL = FFh
	CF set on error
	    AH = error number (see #03077)
	    DS:SI -> ASCIZ error message (max 30 characters) if AH=0Ch
	CF clear if successful
	    AH = return code
		00h continue processing the command line
		01h leave MDEBUG popup session
		02h leave MDEBUG popup session and automatically popup again
		      if the InDOS flag is zero
		03h not used (same as 00h)
		04h not used (same as 00h)
		05h put new command line into the input buffer,
		    DS:SI -> new command line (ASCIZ string, max 66 chars)
		06h process new command line
		    DS:SI -> new command line (ASCIZ string, max 66 chars)
	       else unknown status, but continue processing commmand line
Note:	this function must end with a far call to the old INT 2F handler (with
	  registers unchanged) if the driver does not support the interpreter
	  command in BX.  Otherwise, the driver must not chain to the old
	  INT 2F.

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