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Category: network

INT 61 - PC/TCP kernel v2.05+ - "get_addr" - GET INTERNET ADDRESS OF NET DESCR

	AH = 05h
	BX = network descriptor
Return: CF clear if successful
	    DX:AX = Internet address of ND
	CF set on error
	    AX = error code (see #03319 at INT 61"FTP Software")
InstallCheck:	test for the signature "TCPTSR" three bytes beyond the start
	  of the interrupt handler
Range:	INT 20 to INT E0, selected by configuration
SeeAlso: INT 61"FTP Software",INT 61/AH=00h"PC/TCP",INT 61/AH=16h"PC/TCP"
SeeAlso: INT 63/AH=25h"BW-TCP"

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