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Category: debuggers/debugging tools
Flags: callout or callback (usually hooked rather than called)

INT 2F - MDEBUG command driver - GET STATUS

	AX = D100h
	BX = version of MDEBUG (BH = major, BL = minor)
	CX = command driver counter
	DS:SI -> MDEBUG identification table (see #03076)
	ES = segment of display memory used by MDEBUG
	DI = size of video mode used by MDEBUG
	    (high byte = lines, low byte = columns)
Return: DL = FFh
	BX = version number of the driver if it is less than the version in BX,
	      else unchanged
	CX incremented
Program: MDEBUG is a shareware memory-resident debugging tool by Bernd
	  Schemmer, including a memory monitor, an interpreter, and a
Range:	AH=C0h to AH=FFh, selected by switch or programmatically
Notes:	called by MDEBUG at start of popup session; if the version number
	  returned in BX is less than 1.52 (1.60 for MDEBUG v1.70), MDEBUG will
	  not call any of the other functions during this popup session
	MDEBUG can use any two consecutive multiplex numbers between C0h and
	  FFh; the default is D0h for the display driver and D1h for the
	  command driver (call INT 60/AH=00h"MDEBUG" for the multiplex numbers
	  actually used)
	this function must end with a far call to the old INT 2F handler after
	  changing the registers
	this function MUST be reentrant
	command drivers must also declare the following data at the given
	  offsets in the code segment
		100h  3 BYTEs	JMP-command in .COM-files
		103h	BYTE	NOP-command (90h)
		104h 26 BYTEs	signature "Kommandotreiber fr MDEBUG"
		11Eh 12 BYTEs	name of driver, e.g. "MDHISDRV.COM"
				each driver must have a unique name
	MDEBUG will pass every key and command to the command driver(s) before
	  checking for a valid internal command
SeeAlso: AX=D000h,AX=D101h

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