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Category: resident utilities


	AH = EDh
	BH = EDh
	BL = function
	    00h installation check
		Return: AX = 5205h
			CH = major version
			CL = minor version
	    01h identical to function 00h???
	    02h get resident data segment
		Return: AX = data segment of resident portion
	    03h get resident ???
		Return: AX = offset of some buffer in resident code seg
	    04h redefine auxiliary dictionary
		DS:SI -> counted filename string
		Return: AL = result code
	    05h select active environment
		AL = environment (00h to 0Ch)
		Return: AX = status
			    0000h if OK
			    0001h if out of range
	    06h toggle AutoProof???
		AL = state (00h off, 01h on)
	    07h ???
	    08h ???
		AL = char???
		CX = ???
		DX = ???
		Return: AX = 0, 1 or 2
	    09h ???
	    0Ah ???
		CX = ???
		DX = ???
		Return: AX = ???
	    0Bh check dictionary integrity???
		DS:SI -> counted dictionary filename string
		Return: AX = 0, 40h, 80h
	    0Ch spellcheck string (disk dictionary, possibly RAM dict as well)
		DS:SI -> counted string to check
		Return: AH = 0
			AL = result code
			   00h string found in dictionary
			   20h string begins more than one word
			   40h string not found
	    0Dh set ???
		(sets an internal flag)
	    0Eh spellcheck string (RAM dictionary only)
		DS:SI -> counted string to check
		Return: AH = 00h
			AL = result code
			    00h string found in dictionary
			    01h string not found
			    02h ???
	    0Fh ???
	    10h ???
Notes:	AX in general returns an error code from most functions.
Index:	installation check;Turbo Lightning

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