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Category: resident utilities
Flags: callout or callback (usually hooked rather than called)

INT 16 - Microsoft Word - TSR COOPERATION???

	AX = 55FFh
	BX >= 0004h (version of Microsoft Word [BL = major] ???)
	CX = function
	    0000h set ??? flag
	    other clear ??? flag
Notes:	hooks intercepting this call are present in SWAPSH and SWAPDT v1.77j,
	  distributed with PC Tools v7, as well as the Trusted Access
	  SCRNBLNK.COM; this may be part of the standard TesSeRact library
	known to be called by the German edition of Microsoft Word 5.0
SeeAlso: AX=5500h,INT 2F/AX=5453h

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