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Category: network

INT 21 - Novell NetWare, Alloy NTNX - RETURN SHELL VERSION

	AH = EAh
	AL = return version environment string
	    00h		don't return string
	    nonzero	get environment string
		ES:DI -> 40-byte buffer for string
		Return: buffer filled with three null-terminated entries:
			major operating system
			hardware type
Return: AH = operating system (00h = MS-DOS)
	AL = hardware type
	    00h IBM PC
	    01h Victor 9000
	BH = major shell version
	BL = minor shell version
	CH = (v3.01+) shell type
	    00h conventional memory
	    01h expanded memory
	    02h extended memory
	CL = shell revision number
Note:	this function is supported by NetWare 4.6 and Advanced NetWare 1.0+
SeeAlso: INT DF"Victor"

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