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Category: BIOS

INT 15 - newer PS/2; various BIOSes - GET CPU TYPE AND MASK REVISION

	AH = C9h
	AL = 10h (may be required on some non-PS BIOSes)
Return: CF clear if successful
	    AH = 00h
	    CH = CPU type (see #00528)
	    CL = mask revision (stepping level) (see #00529)
	CF set on error
	    AH = status (80h,86h = function not supported)
Notes:	the BIOS must save DX at startup in order to be able to support this
	  call; PS/2 Models 56, 57, 90, and 95 are known to support it
	the PS/2 BIOS merely reads CMOS locations 190h (type) and 191h (rev)
	IBM classifies this function as optional
SeeAlso: AX=D100h,AX=DA92h,MEM 0040h:00BCh

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