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Category: DOS kernel


	AX = 7160h
	CL = 00h
	CH = SUBST expansion flag
	    00h return a path containing true path for a SUBSTed drive letter
	    80h return a path containing the SUBSTed drive letter
	DS:SI -> ASCIZ filename or path (either long name or short name)
	ES:DI -> 261-byte buffer for canonicalized name
Return: CF set on error
	    AX = error code
		02h invalid component in directory path or drive letter only
		03h malformed path or invalid drive letter
	    ES:DI buffer unchanged
	CF clear if successful
	    ES:DI buffer filled with fully qualified name
	    AX destroyed
Desc:	determine the canonical name of the specified filename or path,
	  corresponding to the undocumented TRUENAME command in COMMAND.COM
Notes:	if a complete path is given, the result will be a short-form complete
	  path; otherwise, the given relative path is appended to the
	  short-form current directory name, '.'/'..'/'...'/etc. are resolved,
	  and the final result uppercased without converting any remaining
	  long-form names to short-form
	for compatibility with DOS versions prior to v7.00, the carry flag
	  should be set on call to ensure that it is set on exit
BUG:	Windows95 incorrectly treats filenames where the first two characters
	  after the drive letter and colon are both slashes (either forward
	  or backward) as a UNC (network name) and requires several seconds
	  to attempt to resolve the name before returning an unchanged
SeeAlso: AH=60h,AX=7160h/CL=01h

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