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Category: network

INT 17 - DOSISODE to WATTCP TSR Interface - "socket"

	AX = 0300h
	CX = type of socket from  socket( domain, type, protocol )
	DX = local identifier of socket (0 - 31)
Return: AX = 0000h success
	    CX = segment of 4500 byte transfer buffer
	    DX = offset of 4500 byte transfer buffer
	   = FFFFH failure
	    CX = error code
		ENFILE	    23
Program: DOSISODE is the ISO developers environment which has been ported to
	  DOS and will run with the Waterloo TCP turned into a resident TSR.
	  Currently it allows a maximum of 6 open sockets.
Note:	this function will initialize the interface the first time it is
SeeAlso: AX=0400h"DOSISODE",AX=0600h"DOSISODE",AX=0800h"DOSISODE"

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