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Category: remote control/file access


	AX = 5600h
	DX = magic value FFFFh
	BL = instance number (00h = any, 01h = first loaded, etc.)
	(BH = 00h and CX = 0000h, see note)
Return: AL = FFh if installed
	    BL = instance number
	    CX = version number (CL = major, CH = minor)
	    DX = resident CS of driver, DX:0000h -> header (see #02845)
Notes:	INTERLNK was derived from Sewell Development Corporation's FASTLYNX.
	Some Microsoft software explicitly clears the BH and CX registers
	  before calling this function.
BUG:	reportedly, the MS-DOS INTERSRV program (though not INTERLNK) causes
	  serious FAT corruption and data loss when run under Novell DOS 7.
	  INTERSRV apparently checks for DR-DOS by testing the "OS"
	  environment variable for the value "DRDOS", which is no longer
	  correct for PalmDOS, Novell DOS, or OpenDOS.  A workaround may be
	  to explicitly set the OS variable to "DRDOS".
SeeAlso: AX=5601h,AX=5602h,INT 60/AX=0000h

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