Category: expansion bus BIOSes

INT 1A - PCI BIOS v2.1+ - SET PCI IRQ (32-bit)

	AX = B18Fh
	BH = bus number
	BL = device/function number (bits 7-3 device, bits 2-0 function)
	CH = number of IRQ to connect
	CL = number of interrupt pin (0Ah=INTA# to 0Dh=INTD#) to reprogram
	DS = segment/selector for PCI BIOS data
	    (real mode: F000h; 16-bit PM: physical 000F0000h; 32-bit PM: as
	    specified by BIOS32 services directory)
Return: CF clear if successful
	    AH = 00h
	CF set on error
	    AH = error code (59h) (see #01243)
Note:	assumes that the calling application has determined the IRQ routing
	  topology (see AX=B10Eh), has ensured that the selected IRQ will not
	  cause a conflict, and will update the interrupt line configuration
	  register on all devices which currently use the IRQ line
SeeAlso: AX=B10Eh