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Category: DOS extenders

INT 67 - Virtual Control Program Interface - GET PROTECTED MODE INTERFACE

	AX = DE01h
	ES:DI -> 4K page table buffer
	DS:SI -> three descriptor table entries in GDT
		first becomes code segment descriptor, other two for use by
		  main control program
Return: AH = 00h successful
	    DI -> first unused page table entry in buffer
	    EBX -> protected mode entry point in code segment (see #03664)
	AH = nonzero  failed
Note:	protected mode entry point may be called with AX=DE00h-DE05h and
	  AX=DE0Ch (in each case, all other registers as appropriate for
	  the function)
SeeAlso: INT 2F/AX=1687h,INT 67/AH=3Fh

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