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Category: resident utilities


	AX = DE01h
	BX = 7575h
	CX = function
	    0000h installation check
		Return: AX = 00FFh if installed
	    0001h turn on notification (currently unused)
		Return: AX = 0001h
	    0002h turn off notification (currently unused)
		Return: AX = 0001h
	    0003h get process information
		Return: AX = status
			    0000h failed
			    0001h successful
				BX = last instantaneous time slice
				    in 1/100s (v1.10)
				    in 1/18s (v1.11+)
				CX = number of processes
				DX = number of "(starting)" records (v2.00+)
				SI = number of records in process info array
				      (v2.00+) (always 15 for v1.x)
				ES:DI -> process info array (see #03101,#03102)
	    0004h get version
		Return: AH = major version
			AL = minor version
	    0005h (v1.10+) get time since DESQview started
		Return: DX:AX = 1/100s since DV start (v1.10)
			DX:AX = 1/18s since DV start (v1.11+)
	    0006h (v1.10+) get number of task switches
		Return: DX:AX = total task switches
			CX = task switches in last instantaneous interval
Notes:	DVSIXDI is part of the DVSI (DESQview System Information) package by
	  Daniel J. Bodoh
	for v1.00, function 0003h allocates common memory, which the caller
	  must deallocate after reading the process information; only the
	  currently used records are placed in the buffer
	for v1.10+, function 0003h merely returns a pointer to the internal
	  array of process information; the caller should make a copy of the
	  array while inside a critical section (see INT 15/AX=101Bh).	Only
	  those records with bit 7 of the first byte set are valid.
Index:	installation check;DVSIXDI

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