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Category: vendor-specific BIOS extensions

INT 17 - Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP) BIOS - INSTALLATION CHECK

	AX = 0200h
	BX = 5050h ('PP')
	CH = 45h   ('E')
	DX = printer port number (00h-02h)
Return: AH = status
	    00h if installed and port is an enhanced parallel port
		CX:AL = installed BIOS type
		    5050h:45h ('PPE') if EPP v3.0+ BIOS installed
		    4550h:50h ('EPP') if EPP v1.0 BIOS installed
		---EPP 1.0, 3.0---
		DX:BX -> far entry point to Advanced BIOS (see #00632)
		---EPP Revision 7---
		DX = EPP I/O base address
		ES:BX -> far entry point to EPP BIOS (see #00632,#00633)
	    03h if installed but specified port not supported
		CF set
Program: The Enhanced Parallel Port BIOS provides support for parallel
	  port peripherals using the enhanced modes of the IEEE 1284.
SeeAlso: AH=E0h,MEM 0040h:0008h,MEM 0040h:00DCh

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