Category: power management

INT 15 - Advanced Power Management v1.0+ - SUSPEND SYSTEM

	AX = 5307h
	CX = 0002h
	BX = 0001h (device ID for all power-managed devices)
Return: after system is resumed
	CF clear
Notes:	puts the entire system into a low-power suspended state; normally
	  called in response to a Suspend System Request notification after
	  any necessary processing, but may also be invoked at the caller's
	should not be called from within a hardware interrupt handler to avoid
	  reentrance problems
	the caller may need to update its date and time values because the
	  system could have been suspended for a long period of time
SeeAlso: AX=5307h/CX=0001h"STAND-BY",AX=530Bh