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Category: DESQview/TopView and Quarterdeck programs

INT 15 - TopView - "SOUND" - MAKE TONE

	AX = 1019h
	BX = frequency in Hertz (0000h = silence)
	CX = duration in clock ticks (18.2 ticks/sec)
Return: immediately, tone continues to completion
Notes:	if another tone is already playing, the new tone does not start until
	  completion of the previous one.  Up to 32 tones may be queued before
	  the process is blocked until a note completes.
	in DV 2.00, the lowest tone allowed is 20 Hz
	if CX = 0, the current note is cancelled; if BX = 0 as well, all queued
	  notes are also cancelled
SeeAlso: AH=82h"HUNTER",INT 16/AH=73h

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