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Category: applications

INT 6F - Clara Empricost - TSR Version - UNINSTALL

	AX = 636Fh ('co')
	BX = 6D70h ('mp')
	CX = 6F73h ('os')
Return: nothing -- call installation check to determine whether successful
Program: Condition List Action Rejection Algorithm for the Evaluation
	  of Music at Pseudo-Random Idea COnstruction STage
	  (CLARA EMPRICOST) is an experimental program by Silas Brown
Notes:	 Saves any unfinished task and prevents processing of
	   new tasks, even if can't uninstall
	 If INT 28h or INT 6Fh have been chained since installation,
	   returns without changing interrupts or freeing memory
	 do not call while DOS is active (i.e. InDOS flag is nonzero or INT 28
	   is active and InDOS > 1)

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