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Category: DOS kernel


	AH = 71h
	AL = function
	    0Dh reset drive (see AX=710Dh)
	    39h create directory (see AX=7139h)
	    3Ah remove directory (see AX=713Ah)
	    3Bh set current directory (see AX=713Bh)
	    41h delete file (see AX=7141h)
	    43h get/set file attributes (see AX=7143h)
	    47h get current directory (see AX=7147h)
	    4Eh find first file (see AX=714Eh)
	    4Fh find next file (see AX=714Fh)
	    56h move (rename) file (see AX=7156h)
	    60h truename (see AX=7160h/CL=00h,AX=7160h/CL=02h)
	    6Ch create/open file (see AX=716Ch)
	    A0h get volume information (see AX=71A0h)
	    A1h terminate FindFirst/FindNext (see AX=71A1h)
	    A6h get file information (see AX=71A6h)
	    A7h time conversion (see AX=71A7h/BL=00h,AX=71A7h/BL=01h)
	    A8h generate short filename (see AX=71A8h)
	    A9h server create/open file (see AX=71A9h)
	    AAh create/terminate SUBST (see AX=71AAh/BH=00h,AX=71AAh/BH=02h)
Return: CF set on error
	    AX = error code (see #01680)
		7100h if function not supported
	CF clear if successful
	    other registers as for corresponding "old" DOS function
Notes:	if error 7100h is returned, the old-style function should be called
	AX=714Eh returns a "search handle" which must be passed to AX=714Fh;
	  when the search is complete, AX=71A1h must be called to terminate
	  the search
	for compatibility with DOS versions prior to v7.00, the carry flag
	  should be set on call to ensure that it is set on exit
	Caldera's DPMS-enabled LONGNAME.EXE BETA 1 extension for DR-DOS 7
	  supports the following sub-set of LFN functions: 39h, 3Ah, 3Bh, 41h,
	  43h (BL = 0, 1 only), 47h, 4Eh, 4Fh, 56h, 60h (CL = 0, 1, 2), 6Ch,
	  A0h, A1h, A8h. BETA 2 fixes LFN directory entry checksums, which
	  were causing wrong LFNs to be attached to a file. The 8.3 short
	  names for filenames with exactly 8 chars are no longer abbreviated
	  A7h (BL=0, 1) functions added, and 4Eh/4Fh can return file times
	  in both DOS and 64 bit formats, BETA 4 has support added for
	  Caldera's DRFAT32 redirector extension (see INT 2F/AX=15xxh).
	Caldera's DR-OpenDOS 7.02+ COMMAND.COM utilizes the LFN API as soon
	  as it detects it (mind, that LONGNAME.EXE can be dynamically loaded
	  and unloaded at runtime). This COMMAND.COM shell also works under
	  MS-DOS/PC DOS and in DOS boxes of Windows9x, NT, 2000, and OS/2.
	For 4DOS 6.02+ to work with 3rd party LFN providers, the Win95LFN=Yes
	  directive should be inserted into the 4DOS.INI file.
	Mike Podanoffsky's RxDOS 7.2 provides most of this API natively,
	  including functions 39h, 3Ah, 3Bh, 41h, 43h (BL = ???), 47h, 4Bh,
	  4Eh, 4Fh, 56h, 60h (CL = 0, 1, 2, no CH), 6Ch, A0h, A1h and A7h.
	  However, not all sub-functions seem to be supported yet.
SeeAlso: AH=39h,AH=3Ah,AH=3Bh,AH=41h,AX=4300h,AX=4301h,AX=4304h,AX=4306h
SeeAlso: AX=4307h,AH=47h,AH=4Eh,AH=4Fh,AH=56h,AH=6Ch,AX=714Eh,AX=714Fh

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