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Category: network

INT 2F - Novell NetWare Event Service Layer (NESL) 1.0 - INSTALLATION CHECK

	AX = C000h
Return: AL = FFh if installed
	    DX:BX -> FAR entry point (see #03013,#03014,#03015,#03016,#03017,#03018)
	    ES:SI -> signature string "NESL_EVENTS"
Program: NESL is a generic interface for event handling in ODI drivers and
	  other NetWare-oriented modules.  Primarily intended to support
	  power management and "hot swapping" of PCMCIA cards, but it is not
	  limited to this.
Range:	AH=C0h to AH=FFh, selected by scanning for first free multiplex number
SeeAlso: AX=C000h"Link Support Layer",AX=C000h"NETWARN"

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