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Category: network

INT 2F - Novell NetWare - TBMI v1.1+ - INSTALLATION CHECK / Windows SUPPORT

	AX = 7AFFh
	BX = 0000h
	CX = 4E65h ("Ne")
	DX = 7457h ("tW")
	ES:DI -> Windows support procedure (see #02926)
Return: AL = FFh if installed
	    CX = configured sockets (14h)
	    DS:SI -> data table ???
	    ES:DI -> IPX far call handler
Notes:	for IPX/SPX this call reportedly returns DS:SI pointing to the table
	  of pointers to service events queue head and tail
	this function is also supported by IPXODI; v2.12 does not change DS,
	  but does set SI to an internal address
SeeAlso: AX=7AFFh/BX=0001h

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