Category: sound/speech

INT 10 - VESA VBE/AI (Audio Interface) - QUERY DEVICE

	AX = 4F13h
	BX = 0002h
	CX = handle
	DX = query
	    0001h return length of GeneralDeviceClass
	    0002h return copy	of GeneralDeviceClass (see #00112)
	    0003h return length of Volume Info Structure
	    0004h return copy	of Volume Info Structure (see #00122)
	    0005h return length of Volume Services Structure
	    0006h return copy	of Volume Services Structure (see #00124)
	    0007h-000Fh reserved
	    0010h-FFFFh device-specific
	SI:DI -> buffer (functions 0002h,0004h,0006h)
Return: AL = 4Fh if function supported
	    AH = status
		00h successful
		    SI:DI = length (functions 1,3,5)
		    SI:DI buffer filled (functions 2,4,6)
		01h failed
Note:	functions 0003h to 0006h are only supported for the Volume device