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Category: TSR libraries

INT 2F - CappaCom programs - API

	AH = DDh
	AL = 00h general installation check
	    Return: AL = FFh if any CappaCom programs are resident
	AL = FEh get info
	    Return: ES:BX -> TSR info list (see #03098)
	AL = program identifier
	    BH = function
		FDh get version
		    Return: BX = version
		FFh installation check
		    Return: AL = FFh if installed
				BX = version
				ES = segment of resident code
		others vary by program
Return: AL = status
	    bit 7 set on error
	    AL = 81h unknown function
Note:	CappaCom was originally SoftCom but changed its name due to a trademark
Index:	installation check;SoftCom programs
Index:	installation check;CappaCom programs

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