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Category: resident utilities
Flags: Undocumented function

INT 16 - TextWare TWTSR - API

	AX = 3577h
	CX = function
	    00CBh ???
		Return: AX = 0000h
			BX = 0000h
			DX:CX -> ???
	    00CCh uninstall
		Return: AX = status
			    0000h successful
			    FFFDh unable to unload because vectors taken
	    00CDh ???
		Return: AX = 0000h
			BX = 0000h
			DX:CX -> ???
		Return: AX = 5345h ('SE')
Program: TWTSR is a TSR which allows the TextWare hypertext browser to be
	  popped up via hotkey
SeeAlso: AX=D724h

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