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Category: DOS kernel


	AH = 40h
	BX = file handle
	CX = number of bytes to write
	DS:DX -> data to write
Return: CF clear if successful
	    AX = number of bytes actually written
	CF set on error
	    AX = error code (05h,06h) (see #01680 at AH=59h/BX=0000h)
Notes:	if CX is zero, no data is written, and the file is truncated or
	  extended to the current position
	data is written beginning at the current file position, and the file
	  position is updated after a successful write
	for FAT32 drives, the file must have been opened with AX=6C00h with
	  the "extended size" flag in order to expand the file beyond 2GB;
	  otherwise the write will fail with error code 0005h (access denied)
	the usual cause for AX < CX on return is a full disk
BUG:	a write of zero bytes will appear to succeed when it actually failed
	  if the write is extending the file and there is not enough disk
	  space for the expanded file (DOS 5.0-6.0); one should therefore check
	  whether the file was in fact extended by seeking to 0 bytes from
	  the end of the file (INT 21/AX=4202h/CX=0000h/DX=0000h)
	under the FlashTek X-32 DOS extender, the pointer is in DS:EDX
SeeAlso: AH=28h,AH=3Fh"DOS",AH=93h,INT 2F/AX=1109h

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