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Category: caches/spoolers

INT 21 - Super PC-Kwik v3.20+ - INSTALLATION CHECK

	AH = 2Bh
	CX = 4358h ('CX')
Return: AL = FFh if PC-Kwik/PC-Cache not installed
	AL = 00h if installed
	    CF clear
	    CX = 6378h ('cx')
	    BX = ???
	    DX = version (DH = major version, DL = binary minor version)
Note:	PC Tools PC-Cache v5.x and Qualitas Qcache v4.00 are OEM versions of
	  Super PC-Kwik, and thus support this call (PC-Cache 5.1 corresponds
	  to PC-Kwik v3.20)
SeeAlso: INT 13/AH=A0h,INT 13/AH=B0h,INT 16/AX=FFA5h/CX=1111h
Index:	PC-Cache;installation check|Qualitas Qcache;installation check
Index:	installation check;PC-Cache 5.x|installation check;Qualitas Qcache

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