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Fedora on One Laptop Per Child

Fedora 15 HardFP rootfs

This is a preview image of the F15 hardfp work we've been doing, specifically for the OLPC XO-1.75 laptop. It boots to a Gnome3 desktop.

size:   529,387,579  (1.6 GB uncompressed)
date:   Nov 30 2011, 14:59 EST
md5:    1e913a3a5def9b84de845ec09129335a
sha256: 5306c5eceafae3fcfaed6a17e7bc0e5686a5c3fba827c50073c9e918555e183b
size:   3,554,113  (4.2 MB uncompressed)
date:   Nov 30 2011, 21:23 EST
md5:    34125b2852c92c065f8e0a373e7c5efd
sha256: 29ce5cdb640a9700bdbf0e31b34086e82420ff306eb39ea04eb01ee6fdbbc98c
boot:   boot u:\rescue

The image assumes the following:

I.e. these are filesystem trees, not disk images. You must partition and format your media appropriately, then unpack these trees into the boot partition.

The rest of the page is only for the F15/Gnome3 image

Before booting

There are a few things you might want to tweak after you've unpacked the image but before you've booted it (i.e. while you have a working environment ;):


To boot from usb, press the ESC key (top left, black dot with an "X" in it) when you hear the startup sound. At the prompt, type:
boot u:\boot\olpc.fth

After Booting

There are two users: "olpc" has password "olpc" and "root" has password "root". Yes, change them ;-)

It takes a while to boot and for the desktop to come up. Have patience :-)

There is a yum.conf for the ARM repos; once you get networking up you can use the usual yum commands. Note that the repo (stage4 hardfp) is temporary, it won't hang around forever.

What's Included

The default Base and Gnome Desktop packages. Emacs and VI. That's about it.

What's NOT Included

Firefox - there's a bug in xulrunner that causes firefox to crash. We're working on it

SSH Server (or any servers). You want to incur the security risk, you figure it out ;-)

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