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Mail Archives: cygwin/1998/11/16/14:47:15

From: gvaughan AT oranda DOT demon DOT co DOT uk (Gary V. Vaughan)
Subject: Re: bash settings for path name in the title
16 Nov 1998 14:47:15 -0800 :
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References: <74rYl0jppfB AT mike DOT franken DOT de>
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To: Michael Hirmke <mh AT mike DOT franken DOT de>
Cc: gnu-win32 AT cygnus DOT com

Michael Hirmke wrote:
> Gary V. Vaughan [gvaughan AT oranda DOT demon DOT co DOT uk] wrote:
> >Peter Kabal wrote:
> >>
> >> Now all I need to figure out is how to get the man command not to
> >> print <AD> (in reverse) at the ends of lines where it hyphenates.
> >
> >export LESS="-r $LESS"
> This just replaces the <AD>s with a topsyturvy exclamation mark.

In private email, Peter Kabal wrote:
> Thanks for the pointer.  It set me to really look at the 
> documentation for less.
> export LESSCHARDEF=8bcccbcc18b95.33b33b.
> export LESSBINFMT='*n-'

This *does* work.  Thanks to Peter for trawling the documentation.
This would make a good FAQ entry, no?

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